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Selah Publishing Group offers many publishing packages for perfect-bound books. Each package listed below includes various services designed to provide the best value for the included services. These prices are estimate prices only. Be sure to call for current prices.
Specifications and Service 2 Star 3 Star 4 Star 5 Star
Trim size 5 x 8 6 x 9 6 x 9 6 x 9
Text paper (offset white) 60 lb. 60 lb. 60 lb. 60 lb.
Full-color cover - -
     Cover Option 1 - - -
     Cover Option 2 - - -
Copyedit - -
Copyedit and one proofread - - -
Copyedit and two proofreads - - -
Book submissions
Submission for listing in Books in Print
Search engine submission
Retail Fulfillment 30% 25% 20% 15%
Wholesale Fulfillment 20% 20% 15% 10%
Monthly fulfillment reports
Free warehousing 750 1,000 1,500 All
Exposure at Christian Booksellers Association (CBA)
     CBA personality booth - - -
E-book (PDF format)
     E-book for Microsoft Reader - -
Author Web page
Author Web site - -
Full-color postcards - 500 1,000 1,000
Full-color flyers - - 1,000 1,500
Extra covers - - 200 300
Promotional Stickers - - 200 500
Color catalog listing 1 2 3 4
Special advertising - - -
Hometown publicity campaign - -
Promotion extravaganza - - -


Trim size. Books may be trimmed in various sizes. The two most common sizes for softcover are 5 x 8 and 6 x 9. Other trim sizes are also available.
Text paper. Typically, 5 x 8 perfect bound books will feature 50-lb., offset, white paper. However, we only use 60-lb. paper in our perfect-bound books, for a better quality and feel.
Full-color cover. Our talented design professionals bring life to your ideas. Once completed, each cover is printed on 10-pt. C1S paper stock
the industry standard for perfect-bound books. Layflat lamination is applied to each cover to help the book open easily and stay protected from UV rays and premature fading.
     * cover option 1. Our 4-Star Package gives you the option to upgrade the cover with matte lamination and spot gloss. The flat finish combined with strategic shine is a great eye-catcher.
     * cover option 2. Our 5-Star Package gives you matte lamination and spot gloss, or high gloss lamination with the added feature of embossing and foil. Embossing raises a portion of the cover to give it a 3D look. The addition of foil accents can create elegant cover presentations.
Copyedit. This is the process of identifying and correcting indisputable errors of usage. Our editors rely on the industry-standard reference of the Chicago Manual of Style to review your book.
Copyedit and one proofread. Adding a proofread after the copyedit process increases the quality of the final publication by giving our editors the time to double-check your manuscript. As always, you hold the final responsibility of approving changes and proofing.
Copyedit and two proofreads. Multiple proofreads is common in the publishing process. The goal is to get fresh eyes to test all aspects of the content.
Typesetting. Your text is formatted to into proper page sizes, table of contents, chapter headings, appendices, etc. Every element of the book is aligned and positioned for maximum readability. You hold the final responsibility of approving the typesetting and can request changes as needed.
Registration. We help you obtain all of the legal registrations to publish professionally
ISBN, Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN), barcode with retail price, and copyright submission.
Book submission. Your title will be available to almost every bookstore in the US. We create JPEG images and book descriptions that meet the submission requirements for,, and
the largest retailers on the Internet. That gives you exposure to millions of potential buyers. We also submit your book to Ingram/Spring Arbor, the largest book distributor in the world.
Books in Print. Bowker's Books in Print is the largest source of book listings available. Many bookstores, libraries, and publishers use this resource to search for titles.
Search engine submissions. In order for people to find your book online, all the major search engines must have your title and keywords in their databases. Selah makes those submissions for you. Each search engine uses different criteria when ranking returns, so we cannot guarantee your book or Web placement on the search list.
Retail fulfillment. Retail transactions are sales to the general public. Our toll-free number gives customers an easy way to respond to your advertising and promotions, allowing them to place an order using most major credit cards. Our fulfillment fees are applied to the net amount of the sale. Subtracting sales tax and shipping from the total price determines the net.
Wholesale fulfillment. Wholesale transactions are sales to businesses, ministries, bookstores, online retailers, distributors, or any other agency that receives a discounted rate for the purpose of reselling your book to the public. Bookstores typically receive a 25% discount for 1-2 books, and up to 45% off for larger quantities. Wholesalers typically receive a 55%-60% discount, depending on who is paying the freight. Our fulfillment fees are applied to the net amount of the sale
the total minus discounts and freight costs.
Monthly fulfillment reports. These reports list details of each transaction you've had over a one-month period. The transaction information includes the quantity of books sold, the discount, the net sale amount, shipping charges, and the fulfillment fees. You also receive the name and address of your customers, so you can see where your books are selling best.
Free warehousing. Free warehousing is limited to the first year of the fulfillment service. Each publishing package has a set quantity of books that receive free warehousing. Additional quantities may be stored for a low fee. After one year, all books in the warehouse are subject to storage fees.
Exposure at Christian Booksellers Association tradeshow (CBA). Every year, buyers from small bookstores and large retail chains attend CBA in search of new books and products. Your book will be on display in our Selah Publishing Group booth.
     * CBA personality booth. Enjoy your own personality booth at CBA
held each year in Julyto sign books and talk with buyers from all over the world. It's a great way to make a strong impression on industry professionals. During the event, promotional flyers are distributed that announce the time and location to meet you. You also receive two passes, so you can bring a spouse or friend.
E-book (PDF format). Your book is converted to Adobe PDF format. Then it can be downloaded and viewed on computers that have Adobe Acrobat Reader software. Customers can use a credit card to purchase an electronic version of your book straight from our Web site, then download the file for viewing. Maximize profits by generating e-book sales that don't require the cost of printing.
     * E-book for Microsoft Reader. In addition to being formatted as a PDF, your book is formatted as a Microsoft Reader e-book. The purchase and download process is the same as a PDF e-book from the Selah Web site.
Author Web page. Your author page is created on our site, A sample author page is available to show the possibilities. Your Web page can include text and pictures about yourself, your family, or anything that would give potential book buyers a clear picture of who you are and why your book is important to them.
Author Web site. More than the author Web page, this service provides your own Web domain that corresponds with your book title ( Depending on availability, we may purchase a domain name that is close to your book title. Beyond hosting, you receive four e-mail accounts based on the domain name, such as The first year of hosting and domain registration is included free.
Full-color postcards. These high-gloss postcards (4 x 6) are based on your book cover. The front design is full color and the back is one color.
Full-color flyers. These flyers (8 x 11) are designed from your previously created book cover and marketing text. You may also include an author photo, reviews, and other promotional information.
Extra covers. Extra covers are handy for self-promotion. Covers include the same elements you select for your book cover
i.e., lamination, embossing, foil.
Promotional stickers. Stickers can be used when you place books at local bookstores in your area. These broadcast that you are a local author, that you have autographed a book, or that your book is a new release.
Color catalog listing. Our catalog proudly displays your title, ISBN number, retail price, book cover, and abbreviated description. Catalogs are sent with each order we process, as well as distributed to buyers at CBA shows.
Special advertising. At strategic times of the year, distributors promote their specific book categories. Our special advertising opportunities put your book in front of thousands of bookstores.
Hometown publicity campaign. We create your publicity kit and send it to the TV, radio, and print media within 100 miles of your home.
Promotion extravaganza. This is the best publicity available. Your book is promoted at the national level by one of our experienced publicists who have successfully booked authors on shows such as the 700 Club, ABC World News Tonight, Fox TV, Focus on the Family, Hour of Power, and TBN
just to name a few.

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