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What do Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, and Benjamin Franklin have in common as authors? They all self-published. Chicken Soup for the Soul is a huge hit today that has become a complete series of books. Did you know it began as a self-published volume?

Here are a few of the key benefits to self-publishing with Selah.

1. Increase Profits. Royalty publishers incur high costs, so you only see a small portion of the profits from the sale of a book. Selah helps you keep costs down so you earn more from the sale of each book.
2. Reprint Control. Enjoy complete control to reprint any time you want, along with the opportunity to make revisions every time you print.
3. Be The Boss. The primary interest of a royalty publisher is the bottom line, not the message.
4. Get Your Message Out Quickly. Royalty publishing can take 1824 months to put a manuscript in print. Selah can have professionally built books at you door in as little as 616 weeks.
5. Target Your Niche More Accurately. Effectively reach your target audience.

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